Mad Hatter RDAs

Mad Hatter RDA Tobeco Clone

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Mad Hatter RDA Clone By Tobeco

The Mad Hatter RDA Clone by Tobeco differentiates itself from other RDAs with its unique and innovative flip top cap. Now you don’t have to worry about losing the top cap when you drip, as it is attached to the body. It is as easy as flip n’ drip! In terms of the deck, it consists of three-post design with huge holes. The juice well is very deep in order to maximize e-liquid capacity. There are two adjustable airflow slots, as the bottom airflow is underneath the coil.

22mm diameter
Stainless Steel construction
Flip Top Cap for easy dripping
Engraved Logo and Serial Number
3 post design
Deep juice well
Adjustable airflow slots
Airflow directly underneath coil


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Black, Stainless