Charger, Efest LUC LED Multi-Functional

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LUC LED Multi-Functional Charger
1. Two/four independent charging channels for 10440/16340/14500/14650/17500/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700/26650 Li-ion and IMR batteries
2. Algorithm (CC.CV) charging system
3. Optional and adjustable charge current: 500mA, 1A.
4. Switchable LCD indicator to display the real-time charging voltage and battery status
5. Activation function for over-discharged batteries. The LUC can recover overly discharged protected and safe-chemistry batteries
6. Soft-start function avoids damage from a large current surge
7. Automatically restarts charging when battery's voltage (fully-charged batteries that were not taken out from the charger channel) is below 3.9V (batteries may self discharge over time)
8. Reverse-polarity protection circuit board


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